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Although Sheffield United is the younger of the two Sheffield football clubs it does have a few things in common with Sheffield Wednesday, as well as its own share of unique achievements.

Depending on how you look at the history of the club, you could say that it was formed to fill the void left when Sheffield Wednesday branched out as a football club in its own right.

When the team were part of the Wednesday Cricket Club they played their football at Bramall Lane [map] , on land owned by the Duke of Norfolk. When Sheffield Wednesday moved to their own ground the sporting enclosure at Bramall Lane was already being used by Sheffield United Cricket Club and for the occasional Sheffield Wednesday football match. But the management realised they were missing an opportunity and in 1889 decided to form their own football team to play regularly at the venue.

The team shared their name with the cricket club and became Sheffield United Football Club, the first football club to use “united” in their name. At first they struggled to find players but almost as soon as they were up and running they became a professional football team and joined the Football League in 1892.

In their first season they were promoted to the top division and in the subsequent 100 years they have yo-yoed around the Football League. Their first major spell in the top flight began with their initial promotion and ended in 1934. They would then have to wait until the 1970s before having another significant spell at the top, although they did catch several moments in Division One. This spell ended in 1976 and they entered a time of serial decline.

They were unable to reach the height of the top division again until 1989. They stayed there until the formation of the Premiership in 1992 and became one of its founding members. In fact they were the first team to score a goal in the newly formed Premier League.

For over a decade Sheffield United found themselves as the firm fixture in the second division of Football League, known today as the Coca-Cola Football League Championship. But the end of 2005/06 season marked the start of a new era after the club won promotion to the top flight.

The team still play at their Bramall Lane ground south of the city centre, which until 1975 only had three sides.

Other Sheffield United facts you may find interesting... the club are nicknamed “The Blades”, however this was originally Sheffield Wednesday’s nickname. The team play in red and while stripped shirts and famous fans include actor Sean Bean, boxer Prince Naseem Hamed and former Monty Python star Michael Palin.


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