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Visitor's Guide to Nottingham

Visitor's Guide to Nottingham As the undisputed capital of the East Midlands, the historic city of Nottingham has a lot to live up to. But after reading our quick guide to the city we’re sure you’ll agree, there’s plenty more to this place than the Sheriff and Robin Hood.

For a start it has the ninth largest travel-to-work area in England with a population of 740,000 and some three million people living within an hour's drive, so there's always plenty happening.

History is never far away in Nottingham though, with reminders of the legendary hero Robin Hood and his merry men at every turn, including the world famous Tales of Robin Hood exhibition [map] and, on the outskirts of town, Sherwood Forest Country Park [map].

Other historical sites well worth checking out while you’re here include; the unique labyrinth of caves under the city’s street, the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery [map], and close to this, the spot where Charles I raised his standard to begin the English Civil War.

Many fine old buildings remain in Nottingham, including the 15th century St Mary’s Church [map], numerous Georgian townhouses and several picturesque pubs and Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub [map], reputedly the oldest in England.

The city is also famous for its lace and to commemorate this 18th century industry there are plenty of modern day attractions, including the Lace Centre [map], where you can buy lace, and the Lace Market Centre [map], which has a visitors centre with shop and café.

As one of the UK’s top four shopping locations, Nottingham is undoubtedly a shoppers’ paradise with a great mix of modern shopping centres, traditional markets and designer boutiques, including local designer Paul Smith’s [map] first store at Bridlesmith Gate.

And for those seeking entertainment there is a huge clubbing scene where top name DJs make regular appearances, as well as elegant theatres and art-house cinemas, including the Theatre Royal [map] and the Broadway Cinema [map].

If major sporting events are more your style, then you won’t be disappointed either as there is a wide choice of first class cricket, football, horse racing, tennis, water sports and golf here.

Finally, people like nothing better than a hearty meal after all that sightseeing and that’s why Nottingham has a huge selection of restaurants and cafés in the city centre, including a branch of the world famous Hard Rock Café [map], where you can enjoy a huge American-style dinner.

If, while your reading this guide, you want to comment on our choices or recommend somewhere, why not use our What You Recommend form to let us know.

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