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GO Dating in North West London

Dating in North West London Dating and drinking really shouldn’t go together what with the beer goggle effect and the personality shift most people go through after they’ve had a few, but in the UK that’s often the way it goes, so where can you go in north west London to get your slice of the action.

The Mac Bar [map] is known as a trendy wine bar with a local feel and it’s this that may make it your ideal pulling point. On a Sunday you can enjoy a boozy afternoon with your friends, checking out the talent, then on Saturday night you can go in for the kill. Of course the downside is that if the relationship turns sour before it’s really begun, you’re going to have to deal with the possible awkwardness of bumping into each other at the bar. Oh well no one said dating was going to be easy!

If you’re hoping to bag a bloke or a bird with celeb status, then you may want to start drinking at The Washington [map]. This Primrose Hill pub attracts a variety of interesting people at all hours of the day and night…and once you’ve pulled you can take them for a romantic walk through nearby Primrose Hill Park.

Laid back and cool are probably the key characteristics of any conquest acquired at the Elbow Room [map] in Swiss Cottage, especially if you meet them at the pool table. Even if the evening doesn’t pack any potential, you can still use your time wisely knocking back cocktails and practicing you cuing action for the next visit.

On a first or second date you’re still checking out your new found love interest… You’re hoping they’re going to be as great as they were when you asked them out but worry that that was all a distant dream. This is where north west London’s gastro pubs could be a god send. One example is the Queen’s Head [map] and Artichoke in Marylebone, which downstairs has a lively bar so there'll be no awkward silences, and then if the date is going well, you can suggest dinner upstairs at the restaurant. If not you can make your excuses and disappear without fear of losing face or a booking!

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