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* There are some three main points to remember when using the gosomewhere site, and these should ensure that you get to the information you want quickly and easily:

To access the main feature information click on the text within the box (rather than the title).

All external links on the site open in an external window

And you can access the site map from any page on gosomewhere with the text link at the bottom of the page.

How to use the home page
The site has been created with a local focus, and so the information on the site is relevant to the cities covered.

From the home page you can choose to go directly into the information about a particular city by selecting it from the drop down menu, or you can choose to go straight to the main facilities for each location, the business directory, hotel search, cinema search, and entertainment search.

Choosing a destination
Usually the first page you will come to on the gosomewhere site is the home page. To choose a specific city from the home page, you will need to use the area entitled ‘choose city’, located in the centre of the page. To view all the available cities click on the arrow at the side of the box and they will appear. Move you mouse over the city you want to select and click on it using the mouse. Then click on the ‘go’ button to the right of the box.

If you have already selected a destination and would like to choose a different city, you have a number of options:

You could return to the home page using the ‘home’ button on the top left-hand side and select another city from the drop down menu.

Or use the ‘change city’ option at the top of the page. It will have the name of the city you are currently in the box and to select a different city just click on the small arrow next to the city name and then select the city you want to go to from the menu. Once you have selected the city you will be taken to the home page of your chosen city.

City Navigation
Once you have selected a city from the home page, you will be taken to the home page for that city, which offers you a number of options. The main options for the city is can be found in the main (left-hand) viewing panel – namely:
Visitor’s Guide – an overview of the city
Local Business Directory – a link to City-Visitor one of the UK's top business directories, clicking on this link will open a new window with the City-Visitor site.
Places to stay – Clicking on the text will take you through to information about places to stay in the city.
Or you can fill out the search criteria (date of first night’s stay, number of nights and number of people etc, then click on the 'check availability' and be taken to a list of accommodation that will suit those criteria in your chosen city.
Go to the Cinema - Clicking on the text will take you through to information about cinemas in the city with access to cinema listings.
Or you could enter your requirements into search criteria (Film name and/or Film type and/or film certificate) then click on the search button in the bottom right of the box and wait for your results to appear.
Local Entertainment – Clicking on the text will take you through to entertainment information for your selected city and access to listings information.
Shopping - Clicking on the text will take you though to shopping guides for your selected city.
Restaurants and Bars - Clicking on the text will take you though to information about the restaurants and bars in your selected city and access to online restaurant booking.

Listed on the right hand-side there are some other information options for your chosen city. These include:
Weather – click on the text to get a detailed ten day weather forecast for the city
Events – click on the text for information about events in the city
City Travel – click on the text for information on how to get around the city
Places of Interest – click on the text for information about the main places of interest in the selected city.
Local News – click on the text for news relevant to your selected city, clicking on this link will open a new window with the news information inside.
What you Recommend – click on the text to access the easy to use, what you recommend form.

Choosing any of the options from the city home page will not only take you to the information you require but will also reveal a blue navigation bar on the right hand side. You can use this to access all the information that was available from the city home page (except weather) and more. Simply click on the option you are interested in and the information will appear in the main (left hand) area of the site, and the section you are in will be highlighted in blue on the right hand navigation menu.

The sections listed in the navigation on the right hand side menu are the main navigation options, however many have additional features, which you can access by clicking on the text of the features boxes. The breadcrumb navigation, which can be found in the light blue bar above the main page heading, will ensure that you always know where you are in the site.

Using the Crumb
At the top of every page in the site, above the main page title, there is a light blue bar, and this contains the ‘Crumb’. The crumb keeps track of the options you have chosen as you move further into the site, so you can always see how you arrived at the page you are in.

And if you want to go back to the previous page, you can use this crumb because each word in light blue is a link that you can click on to be taken to that page.

Navigating through London
Navigating through London is slightly different from the rest of the site. As with the other cities on gosomewhere you can find out information for the city as a whole in 'London at a glance', however this information has also been broken down to cover the city in seven smaller areas (North, North West, West, Central, South West, South East, East).

As you are navigating London you can access information about another part of London by using the menu on the right hand side. At the top of the navigation on the right hand side you can access the home page of each of the London areas. However if you are further into a city you can access information on that subject for any area of London without having to return to the home page. For example, if you are looking at bars in London, under ‘bars’ in the right hand navigation you will see a list of all the other London areas. Clicking on one of the other areas, under bars in the navigation will take you to the bars information for that section.

Using the map links
When a venue is mentioned in the main text of a city, next to it you should see the word ‘map’ in square brackets (i.e. [map]). This is a link to a map, showing the location of the venue. The map is part of an external site and will open in a new window. This site is not part of gosomewhere and we are not responsible the content.

Top level links
In the top left corner, underneath the main gosomehwere logo there are five links:

Home – which will take you to the gosomewhere home page

Hotels – which will take you to a hotel search.

UK Facts – gives you some general information about being in the UK, including driving, public holidays and communication.

Be Feature – will take you to a form which you can fill in if you would like your business to be featured on gosomewhere.

And the Help button brought you here!

Recommending something / feedback
If you would like to tell us about something good in a particular city, or give us feedback on the site then use the ‘what you recommend’ link in the ‘The Guide’ section of the main site navigation menu on the right-hand side. This will take you to an easy to use form. The fields that must be filled have an asterix (*) next to them.

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