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GO The Morning After in London

Morning After Relief in Greater London If you’re looking for the perfect place to recover from a hangover you’ll find a large selection of greasy spoon cafes and healthy alternatives as well as some impressive restaurants to ease the pain.

A visit to North West London is sure to get you back on your feet. The Engineer [map] in Primrose Hill is more well known for its evening eats as one of North West London’s best gastro pubs, however, it’s also great for those needing a morning boost. The breakfast menu, although not exhaustive, does include muesli and the full English, so you should find all the food groups you need to get your body back on top.

In Hampstead, the place to go for a morning after feast is the Coffee Cup [map] on the high street. Although it may look like the nemesis of the trendy bars you went to the night before, it is well loved and cheap. In terms of the cuisine, you’ll find all your fried, grilled and toasted breakfast staples here but don’t expect to see muesli or smoothies here.

Chapel Market in Islington is home to Alpino [map] a great place to go for your traditional morning after fry up. Whatever time of the day you manage to get through their doors you’ll find eggs, bacon, toast, tea and all the other breakfast favourites are available to reawaken your taste buds.

If you’re suffering from the Sunday blues in South East London try Al’s Café [map], Bermondsey Street, SE1, which is a great place for a large mug of tea and a fry-up that even a trucker would be proud of.

Blackfriars Café [map], Blackfriars Road, SE1, is another traditional café offering that essential all day breakfast. Alternatively, stay on Blackfriars Road and head to Café Pronto [map] for a caffeine fix and choice of a vast selection of coffee and tea.

Just around the corner you’ll find the fabulously-titled Laughing Gravy [map] bar and restaurant that does the perfect Sunday dinner and other traditional British food. There’s also some excellent steamed puddings on offer if you need a sugar hit.

The South West of London offers some filling treats. The Alexandra [map], Clapham Common Southside, SW4, is a no-frills establishment. Staff are friendly and keen to help and there’s a great menu for hearty eaters in search of full dinner plates. There’s the essential wide screen TV too for Sunday afternoon footy to go with your roast and recovery.

Ambience is key at The Frog and Forget-Me-Not [map], The Pavement, SW4. Here you’ll find those comfortable large leather sofas that are perfect when all of your energy is used up just walking to the bar. Unwind with a coffee, hair of the dog, or juice drink and read the Sunday papers. Diners will be pleased to know that there’s a great range of healthier options here including a dedicated Thai menu to spice up your afternoon and blow away those head-cobwebs.

If nothing can placate you quite like a fry-up check out The Phoenix Café [map], close by, which is perfect for those in search of some hearty nosh. Choose from full all-day breakfasts, or sausage and tomato and bacon and mushroom sandwiches. There’s also traditional breakfast tea and some veggie options available here.

For posh nosh in Central London book a table at The Savoy Grill [map], The Savoy Hotel, Strand, WC2, for breakfast in style. Men are advised to wear a jacket and tie so this is definitely not the venue for you if you’re still half drunk or unable to face a refreshing shower. If you’re in good spirits enjoy a large breakfast or continental alternative and peruse the Sunday papers in a relaxing atmosphere.

Over in the West The Squat & Gobble [map], Tottenham Street, W1, is a particularly popular place for the first important meal of the day. Don’t be put off by the strange name, The Squat & Gobble is a great place to grab a veggie or meat fry-up and there’s also a large selection of sandwiches made using organic ingredients.

Those who didn’t spend all of their money on booze the previous night might like to consider The Fountain [map], Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly, W1, for the morning after. As you’d expect from a restaurant inside this premier food store, The Fountain serves some excellent cuisine. Choose from a selection of global breakfast dishes or go for the luxurious Fortnum’s Farmhouse Breakfast. The restaurant is open from 8.30am and is the perfect place for a pre-work pick me up.

Another famous name that offers a great breakfast is Sotheby’s Café [map], New Bond Street, W1. Perfect for catching up with friends in an informal atmosphere, Sotheby’s Café has plenty of expensive paintings on display. Breakfast dishes are light and continental – just the right size if you’re counting the calories.

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