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Entertainment Guide To Edinburgh

Edinburgh entertainment Guide

Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes. But it really doesn’t matter what type you require when you’re in Edinburgh, because the Scottish city really does have it all.

Find out what's on in Edinburgh with our entertainment overview or use the features below for specific guides and event listings…

GO Cinema

GO Clubbing

Cinema in Edinburgh

Time to tune in your senses with a visit to the cinema for the best in action, comedy, adventure and romance...

  Clubbing in Edinburgh

Shake your booty to the latest tunes or stand coolly on the sidelines with the latest cocktail in hand, the choice is yours with our guide to the best of Edinburgh clubbing...

GO Comedy

GO Places

Comedy in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is home to the largest annual comedy festival in the world, held every August, check out our guide to what happens the rest of the year…

  Places to Go in Edinburgh

Don’t stay city-bound get out and about with our guide to the best countryside close to Edinburgh…

GO Live Music

GO Theatre

Live Music in Edinburgh

The city is much more than a lone piper stood atop the castle walls. As music lovers know, there’s everything from indie to classical opera in Edinburgh...

  Theatre in Edinburgh

Where culture and education collide Edinburgh’s theatres are as diverse as they are exciting, discover your inner actor with our guide to the best venues...

GO Art Galleries

GO Dance

Art Galleries in Edinburgh

Art lovers from across the globe are spoilt for choice with the vast number of unique and interesting art galleries in Edinburgh…

  Dance in Edinburgh

Don’t just dance to the piper’s tune, check out our guide to dance where you’ll find everything from contemporary to ballet and the ever popular Ceilidh…

GO Museums

GO Sport

Museums in Edinburgh

With a captivating history and a wealth of interesting landmarks Edinburgh is way ahead of other cities when it comes to museums…

  Sport in Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s diversity seeps through to its sporting personality with a wide range of activities to interest both spectators and participants...

GO Football

GO Erotic

Football in Edinburgh

Football is hugely popular in the Scottish capital, so click here for our low down on Edinburgh’s footy frenzy...

  Adult Entertainment in Edinburgh

If you’re planning a bachelor party to remember then check out our guide to adult entertainment in the Scottish capital...


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